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I am deeply passionate about and committed to my role as a teacher. My teaching is guided by three principles: (1) make it relevant (applying academic knowledge to real-world organizations), (2) make it evidence-based (adopting a scientific approach to management based on research), and (3) make it personalized (delivering tailored content and feedback
and building strong relationships).

I engage my students in co-creating a tailored learning experience that best fits their intellectual curiosities. I use a variety of instructional methods, including business cases, simulations, games, discussions, audiovisuals, and team projects, to help my students first-hand experience how management concepts and theories can benefit not only organizations but also themselves as working professionals.

At the University of Maryland, I have taught an undergraduate core Management course (Managing People and Organizations) for two semesters. Currently, at the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, I teach the undergraduate core Organizational Behavior course, as well as the
micro OB PhD seminar.

See below for qualitative comments from my students.

Student Testimonials from Course and Teaching Evaluations

I absolutely loved Professor Hyunsun! 
Probably one of my favorite professors here at UMD so far.

I absolutely loved Professor Hyunsun!
Probably one of my favorite professors here at UMD so far. The packets that she gave us each week were so helpful and effective when learning course content. She was so sweet and you can tell she genuinely cares about her students and their success along with the effectiveness of her teaching. She was very accommodating to our concerns. Not many professors are verbally appreciative of their student's hard work, but
she is which made me even more motivated.
Loved this class and the instructor so much!

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